In high school you were probably introduced to different subjects of science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, maybe more. While the way these disciplines were taught might have made them seem very different, it doesn’t take much digging to conclude that the boundaries are much fuzzier than they are made out to be. When thinking about atoms and molecules, where does physics end and chemistry begin? Biological organisms use chemical and physical processes to produce all the phenomena of life from cellular metabolism to organismal development to the function of the brain. If you want to learn about these fascinating topics, which department should you turn to? The ISC curriculum is founded on the expectation that much of the most important science of the future, though based on the classical disciplines, will lie in areas that span two or more of them. As such, we see a need to educate students with a unified view of the scientific endeavor who seek out, rather than shy away from, cross-disciplinary topics of research.

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