TitleThe Stanford Microarray Database: data access and quality assessment tools.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsGollub, J, Ball, CA, Binkley, G, Demeter, J, Finkelstein, DB, Hebert, JM, Hernandez-Boussard, T, Jin, H, Kaloper, M, Matese, JC, Schroeder, M, Brown, PO, Botstein, D, Sherlock, G
JournalNucleic Acids Res
Date Published2003 Jan 1
KeywordsAnimals, California, Computer Graphics, Databases, Genetic, Gene Expression Profiling, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval, Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis, Quality Control, Software

The Stanford Microarray Database (SMD; http://genome-www.stanford.edu/microarray/) serves as a microarray research database for Stanford investigators and their collaborators. In addition, SMD functions as a resource for the entire scientific community, by making freely available all of its source code and providing full public access to data published by SMD users, along with many tools to explore and analyze those data. SMD currently provides public access to data from 3500 microarrays, including data from 85 publications, and this total is increasing rapidly. In this article, we describe some of SMD's newer tools for accessing public data, assessing data quality and for data analysis.

Alternate JournalNucleic Acids Res.