TitleRevisiting an old riddle: what determines genetic diversity levels within species?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsLeffler, EM, Bullaughey, K, Matute, DR, Meyer, WK, S├ęgurel, L, Venkat, A, Andolfatto, P, Przeworski, M
JournalPLoS Biol
Date Published2012
KeywordsAnimals, Chromosomes, Insect, Drosophila, Ecosystem, Genetic Variation, Geography, Models, Biological, Nucleotides, Phylogeny, Selection, Genetic, Sex Chromosomes, Species Specificity

Understanding why some species have more genetic diversity than others is central to the study of ecology and evolution, and carries potentially important implications for conservation biology. Yet not only does this question remain unresolved, it has largely fallen into disregard. With the rapid decrease in sequencing costs, we argue that it is time to revive it.

Alternate JournalPLoS Biol.