Shvartsman honored for excellence in mentoring graduate students

Story by Denise Valenti, Office of Communications Four Princeton University faculty members have been named recipients of the Graduate Mentoring Awards by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning and will be honored during... Read more

Bassler receives Dickson Prize in Medicine for discovering how bacteria communicate

Bonnie Bassler, who is Princeton’s Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology and chair of the department, will receive the 2018 Dickson Prize in Medicine, the highest honor of the University... Read more

Cliff Brangwynne named HHMI Investigator

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has named Cliff Brangwynne, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, as one of 19 new HHMI Investigators. This designation, one of... Read more

Immune cell provides cradle for mammary stem cells

A new study finds that one of the toughest characters in the immune system, the macrophage, has a nurturing side, at least when it comes to guarding the developing breast. The study published online this week in the journal... Read more

Petry finds missing ingredient to spark the fireworks of life

Sabine Petry and her team have cracked a long-standing mystery in the field of cell research. For at least 30 years, researchers have thought that only one protein, a gamma-tubulin, can “nucleate” a microtubule – provide the... Read more

Barbara Engelhardt receives NSF CAREER Award for research with high-dimensional genomic data

Barbara Engelhardt, Associate Professor in Computer Science, has received an NSF CAREER Award for her research “Recovering complex associations from high-dimensional genomic data.”... Read more

Daniel Lee and Cassidy Yang awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

QCB graduate students Daniel Lee and Cassidy Yang were awarded 2018 Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF).... Read more