QCB302: Research Topics in QCB

Taken in the fall term of your sophomore or junior year.

This class is aimed at sophomores and juniors pursuing the QCB Certificate who are engaged in independent research at Princeton. In this course, we will discuss students’ independent research projects, provide guidance and feedback aimed at the developing those projects, and teach general research skills. We will emphasize critical thinking about experiments, good scientific communication (in oral presentations and writing), and literature comprehension. Students will present background rational for their research and research progress in seminar-style presentations and participate in discussions of relevant scientific papers. Written work will consist of an NSF-style proposal (mid-term). The final exam will consist of two parts: a student research presentation in a symposium format and a paper-style write-up of research progress.

Reading/Writing assignments:

Students will present background research and progress reports. Though the background requirements will be largely dictated by the student's individual project, the ability to assimilate a detailed understanding of 10 or more primary research sources and how these relate to the student's project is expected. Students will participate in discussions of relevant scientific papers demonstrated by providing written and oral comments. Each student will lead one discussion (journal club format). Other written work will consist of an NSF-style proposal and a research progress report written in the style of a scientific paper.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

ISC 231-234 or equivalent preparation (see Certificate prerequisites). Students must choose their research labs in the spring of their first year or sophomore year and be engaged in the research from the start of the Fall semester.

Faculty | Instructors

Britt Adamson (Molecular Biology and Lewis-Sigler Institute)
Shawn Davidson (Lewis-Sigler Institute)