QCB302: Research Topics in QCB

Taken in the fall term of your sophomore or junior year.

This class is aimed at sophomores and juniors pursuing the QCB Certificate. We will discuss modern approaches in genomics in-depth that highlight general research skills, with emphasis on experimental design, critical thinking, scientific communication, and literature comprehension. Most weeks, students will read papers related to the development of modern experimental technologies. In class, students will present relevant background and lead a presentation of each paper.

Reading/Writing assignments:

Students will provide a critical assessment of selected papers using a methods and logic template designed to improve paper-reading skills. The paper in lieu of final exam will be a longer-form, written critique of an assigned paper.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

QCB302 is the core course of the QCB Certificate. There are two possible tracks for entry into the QCB Certificate program, and are to be completed by the end of your second year:

  • Integrated Science: ISC 231-234

       Or all of the following courses:

  • COS 126 or higher
  • MOL 214 
  • PHY 103-104 or PHY 103-108 or the equivalent by permission of the Director
  • CHM 201-202 or the equivalent by permission of the Director
  • One 200-level math course (or higher) -OR- one semester of statistics: SML 201, ORF 245, MOL/EEB 355 or higher (but not PSY 251)

*Please note that students can use their AP credits for the PHY and CHM requirements as per the university’s Reference Table for AP Credit:
                      AP 5 on Parts I and II of Physics C gives equivalency for PHY103-104
                      AP 4 on Chemistry gives equivalency for CHM 201 (but not CHM 202)
                      AP 5 on Chemistry gives equivalency for CHM 201-202


Faculty | Instructors

Britt Adamson (Molecular Biology and Lewis-Sigler Institute)
Shawn Davidson (Lewis-Sigler Institute)