QCB302: Research Topics and Analytical Approaches in Quantitative Biology

Taken in the fall term of your sophomore or junior year.

An overview of research topics and methods in quantitative biology through reading and discussion of primary literature. Students read two papers weekly, each showcasing how modern experimental and analytical techniques are applied to address basic questions in biology (e.g. What shape is the endoplasmic reticulum? What controls gene expression?) with a strong focus on big data. Students examine the achievements and impact of each study, present context and background, dissect experimental and analytical approaches, and highlight remaining challenges. Topics range from gene regulation and organellar dynamics to virology and cancer genomics.

Reading/Writing Assignments

Students will provide a critical assessment of selected papers using a methods and logic template designed to improve paper-reading skills. The paper in lieu of final exam will be a written critique of an assigned paper.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

MOL 214 or equivalent or permission of the instructors. Independent research is no longer required.

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Faculty | Instructors

Britt Adamson (Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute)
Shawn Davidson (Lewis-Sigler Institute)
Michael Levine (Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute)