Robert W. Leach

Research Software Engineer
Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Office Phone
133 Carl Icahn Laboratory

I am a Computational Biologist/Scientific Programmer with a Computer Science Master's and Biochemistry Bachelor's. I have a wide range of experience from the first 100 Genomes Project, threat pathogen detection, and cancer research to the Human Microbiome Project. My particular interests lie in downstream NGS analyses and the development of algorithms and analysis pipelines.  I have developed pipelines and published results on structural variants in Bladder Cancer, 16S metagenomic analyses of the human microbiome, broad low-intensity ChIP-Seq peaks, the co-evolution of filoviruses with mammals & plants, a secondary structure analysis of the loading of DNA replication machinery, and the development of various biological annotation databases (sexually transmitted diseases, oral pathogens, and threat pathogens).

Specialties: Perl, Java, Git, HTML, Eclipse, Web development, MySQL, data mining, bioinformatics, R, Bioconductor, ChIP-Seq, Structural Variant Analysis, Motif finding, and Sequence Signal-Processing.

Selected Publications