The Lewis-Sigler Scholars program is aimed at attracting talented early-career scientists (0-2 years from PhD) interested in quantitative approaches to biological systems, supporting their intellectual development, and engaging them in multidisciplinary education. The community of scholars is drawn from the full range of intellectual approaches represented at the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. Our Scholars take experimental, theoretical, and/or computational approaches to drive cutting edge collaborations at the Institute, drawing on their backgrounds in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, or physics.

Current Scholars

  • Brooke Husic
    Computational chemistry & biophysics, molecular kinetics, protein folding
  • Ofer Kimchi
    Theoretical biophysics, RNA interactions, self-assembly
  • Michael MacArthur
    Nutritional genomics, metabolic flux, nutrient stress responses, personalized nutrition
  • Harry McNamara
    Biophysics; self-organization and pattern formation; electrophysiology; optogenetics; stem cells, gastruloids, and organoids
  • Claire McWhite
    Systems Biology, protein language models, evolution, plants, proteomics
  • Ian Traniello
    Neurogenomics; social behavior; insect societies; single-cell and spatial ‘omics
  • Cara Weisman
    Comparative genomics, evolutionary biology, molecular mechanisms of evolution
  • Jonathon Yuly
    Molecular machines, self-organization, protein biophysics, electron transfer