The Lewis-Sigler Scholars program is aimed at attracting talented early-career scientists (0-2 years from PhD) interested in quantitative approaches to biological systems, supporting their intellectual development, and engaging them in multidisciplinary education. The community of scholars is drawn from the full range of intellectual approaches represented at the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. Our Scholars take experimental, theoretical, and/or computational approaches to drive cutting-edge collaborations at the Institute, drawing on their backgrounds in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, or physics.

There are no open Lewis-Sigler Scholar positions at this time. We will update our Opportunities page when a new search is underway. 

Current Scholars

Ofer Kimchi

Theoretical biophysics, RNA interactions, self-assembly

Michael R. MacArthur

Nutritional genomics, metabolic flux, nutrient stress responses, personalized nutrition

Harry McNamara

Biophysics; self-organization and pattern formation; electrophysiology; optogenetics; stem cells, gastruloids, and organoids

Claire McWhite

Systems Biology, protein language models, evolution, plants, proteomics

Ian Traniello

Neurogenomics; social behavior; insect societies; single-cell and spatial ‘omics

Caroline (Cara) Weisman

Comparative genomics, evolutionary biology, molecular mechanisms of evolution

Jonathon Yuly

Molecular machines, self-organization, protein biophysics, electron transfer

Past Lewis-Sigler Scholars

No content available to show.

Past Lewis-Sigler Fellows

Amanda A. Amodeo

Developmental biology, chromatin biology, gene regulation, and cell cycle control

Anastasia Baryshnikova

Systems Biology, Network Biology, Functional Genomics

Chase P. Broedersz

Physical properties and self-assembly of biological structures such as tissue and the cellular cytoskeleton

Tessa Calhoun

Optical Microscopy | Drug Delivery | Drug-membrane Interactions.

Amy Caudy

Cellular and Molecular Structure and Function. Functional Genomics and Proteomics.

Ivana Cvijovic

Immunology, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Dynamics

Shawn M. Davidson

Metabolism, metabolomics, mass-spectrometry, metabolic flux analysis

Michael M. Desai

Population Genetics, Experimental Evolution.

Maitreya Dunham

genome evolution, yeast genetics, copy number variation.

Jeremy England

biophysics, theoretical statistical mechanics, cell and structural biology.

Matthias Kaschube

Brain function, development and adaptive self-organization

Andrew Leifer

Optical neurophysiology of behavior

Benjamin B. Machta

Statistical mechanics of membrane systems

Megan N. McClean

Systems Biology, Biophysics

Marcus B. Noyes

Characterization and manipulation of the protein-DNA interface

Ethan Perlstein

Evolutionary Pharmacology

William S. Ryu

Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology.

Eva-Maria Schoetz

Biophysics of Embryonic Development, Regeneration and Asexual Reproduction.