Amy Caudy

(2005-2011). Currently: Assistant Professor, the Donnelly Centre for Cellular + Biomolecular Research Department of Molecular Genetics University of Toronto.


Research Interests

Discovery of novel enzymatic pathways using full scan LC-MS metabolomics, and characterization of the regulatory connections between cell growth and metabolism.

My Story

The next time you enjoy a meal, take a moment to marvel how your body can digest such a vast array of foods. With the availability of the complete genome sequences of organisms from yeast to man, we now know the full catalogue of genes for each. However, such lists only hint at how organisms process nutrients. Each cell in our bodies must take in nutrients to maintain itself. If so directed by environmental cues, our cells alter their metabolism in order to produce the building blocks necessary to divide. Now, new tools for chemical analysis permit the study of the metabolome, the chemical intermediates of cellular metabolism.

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