TitleOverview of the Alliance for Cellular Signaling.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGilman, AG, Simon, MI, Bourne, HR, Harris, BA, Long, R, Ross, EM, Stull, JT, Taussig, R, Bourne, HR, Arkin, AP, Cobb, MH, Cyster, JG, Devreotes, PN, Ferrell, JE, Fruman, D, Gold, M, Weiss, A, Stull, JT, Berridge, MJ, Cantley, LC, Catterall, WA, Coughlin, SR, Olson, EN, Smith, TF, Brugge, JS, Botstein, D, Dixon, JE, Hunter, T, Lefkowitz, RJ, Pawson, AJ, Sternberg, PW, Varmus, H, Subramaniam, S, Sinkovits, RS, Li, J, Mock, D, Ning, Y, Saunders, B, Sternweis, PC, Hilgemann, D, Scheuermann, RH, DeCamp, D, Hsueh, R, Lin, K-M, Ni, Y, Seaman, WE, Simpson, PC, O'Connell, TD, Roach, T, Simon, MI, Choi, S, Eversole-Cire, P, Fraser, I, Mumby, MC, Zhao, Y, Brekken, D, Shu, H, Meyer, T, Chandy, G, Heo, WDo, Liou, J, O'Rourke, N, Verghese, M, Mumby, SM, Han, H, H Brown, A, Forrester, JS, Ivanova, P, Milne, SB, Casey, PJ, T Harden, K, Arkin, AP, Doyle, J, Gray, ML, Meyer, T, Michnick, S, Schmidt, MA, Toner, M, Tsien, RY, Natarajan, M, Ranganathan, R, Sambrano, GR
Corporate AuthorsParticipating investigators and scientists of the Alliance for Cellular Signaling
Date Published2002 Dec 12
KeywordsB-Lymphocytes, Cooperative Behavior, Databases, Factual, International Cooperation, Internet, Ligands, Models, Biological, Myocytes, Cardiac, Research, Research Design, Research Personnel, Signal Transduction, United States

The Alliance for Cellular Signaling is a large-scale collaboration designed to answer global questions about signalling networks. Pathways will be studied intensively in two cells--B lymphocytes (the cells of the immune system) and cardiac myocytes--to facilitate quantitative modelling. One goal is to catalyse complementary research in individual laboratories; to facilitate this, all alliance data are freely available for use by the entire research community.

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