Posted Oct 15, 2010

Biologists at NYU and Princeton Genome Centers Find Genetic Explanation for Evolutionary Change: Location, Location, Location. A gene's location on a chromosome plays a significant role in shaping how an organism's traits vary and evolve, according to findings by genome biologists at New York University's Center for Genomic and Systems Biology and Princeton University's Lewis-Sigler Institute. The research was conducted by Matthew V. Rockman, an assistant professor at New York University who was previously a postdoctoral student in the Kruglyak lab at Princeton, as well as Sonja S. Skrovanek and Leonid Kruglyak, researchers at Princeton's Lewis-Sigler Institute, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Their research, which appears in the latest issue of the journal Science, suggests that evolution is less a function of what a physical trait is and more a result of where the genes that affect that trait reside in the genome.

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