May 7, 2022

At the LSI spring symposium in April 2022, Aaron Bourque and Katie Goodwin were awarded the Cassidy Yang Memorial Prize for their exemplary service and scholarship in the QCB program.  Katie Goodwin studies the role of smooth muscles in the development of the mammalian lung in the laboratory of Celeste Nelson.  She is highly engaged in the life and soul of the QCB graduate program. She plays an active role in our efforts to recruit new students into the program, and organizes a number of venues for scholarly exchange among our students and faculty, including the weekly developmental biology colloquium.  Aaron employs a combination of experimental studies and theoretical analysis to understand the principles underlying the organization and self-patterning properties of social bacteria in Josh Shaevitz’s lab. He is also highly engaged in the QCB graduate program and outreach activities to diversify the LSI culture. Aaron organizes open houses to encourage under-represented students to consider Princeton for their graduate studies. He is also engaged in peer mentoring, serves as chair of the graduate student organization, and is a student representative on the LSI climate committee, which coordinates programs and policies aimed at inclusiveness and diversity.  The Cassidy Yang Memorial Prize was established to recognize graduate students who excel in scholarship and service in honor of Cassidy Yang, a QCB graduate student who died as a result of a car accident in December 2020.