Posted Apr 19, 2019

We'd like to welcome our Fall 2019 incoming QCB class!

  • Aaron Bourque (University of Florida)
  • Sara Camilli (University of Richmond) 
  • Danfeng Chen (Broad Institute) 
  • Yuhang Chen (NYU Shanghai)
  • Siena Dumas Ang (University of Washington) 
  • Theo Gibbs (University of Chicago)
  • Annie Jacobson (Tufts)
  • Max Nguyen (Cornell)
  • Dee Ruttenberg (University of Chicago) 
  • Yushi Tang (Harvard)
  • William Thistlethwaite (Brandeis) 
  • Bruce Wang (Brown)
  • Scott Wolf (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) 
  • Winnie Xu (Beijing Genomics Institute)
  • Kaiqian Zhang (University of Chicago) 

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