Posted Apr 25, 2023

We are very excited to welcome our new graduate students this fall for the PhD programs in Quantitative and Computational Biology (QCB) and Biophysics (BPY)!


Quantitative and Computational Biology program incoming students:

Anusha Aggarwal, University of Washington

Thomas Atkins, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Jonas Braun, Technical University of Munich

Sarah Dobbins, Stanford University

Denis Faerberg, North Carolina State University

Joyce Fang, Northeastern University

Jay Golden, UC San Diego

Miguel Iglesias, Baylor University

Nivedita Kanrar, Caltech

Maria Larina, University of Texas at Austin

Edmundo Leiva III, Stanford University

Samuel Neff, Dartmouth College

Nina Sachdev, Wellesley College

Susie Song, Cornell University

Christopher Sun, Harvard University

Alvin Zhang, University of Chicago

Biophysics program incoming students:

Daniel Bernstein, Rutgers University

Benjamin Garcia de Figueiredo, São Paulo State University

Abir George, École Normale Supérieure

Cole Gibson, University of South Florida

Zijin Huang, Cornell University

Deepthi Kailash, Washington University - St. Louis

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