Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Biomolecular Engineering, Chemical Biology, Cellular and Tissue Engineering, Computation and Modeling, Genomics, Genetics, Microbiology, Virology
  • Molecular Biology
Research Lab
A5 Guyot Hall

Faculty Assistant:
Anna Schmedel

Research Interests

Small-molecule-mediated interactions in complex microbial communities

Much like human beings, microbes often live in diverse communities interacting with both collaborators and competitors. Small molecule natural products mediate a significant portion of these interactions. As expected, the more complex a microbial community is, the richer its small molecule chemical arsenal becomes. This phenomenon has been observed in the complex microbiomes of marine invertebrates, terrestrial soils, human gut, and the plant rhizosphere, among others. Our research interests are mainly to decipher, manipulate, and engineer the chemical and biological interactions within complex microbial communities (microbe-microbe interactions) and between microbial communities and their multicellular hosts (microbe-host interactions). We use computational, chemical, and biological approaches to achieve these goals.

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