Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos donate $15 million to Princeton Neuroscience Institute, co-directed by David Tank

Posted Dec 13, 2011

Princeton University alumnus Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive officer of, and alumna MacKenzie Bezos, are donating $15 million to the University to create a center in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. The gift will establish the Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics, which will be led by institute co-director David Tank, currently a member of the Lewis-Sigler Institute.

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Olga Dudko, University of California San Diego

Single-molecule biophysical tools permit measurements of the response of individual biomolecules to external force, revealing details that are typically lost when studied though ensemble methods. I will present an analytical theory of single-molecule force experiments. The theory is based on Kramers picture of the diffusive crossing of a free energy barrier and on a generalization of this picture to many dimensions. The theory is applicable to biological contexts ranging from protein and nucleic acid folding to ligand-receptor interactions.