TitleJunctions as organizing centers in epithelial cells? A fly perspective.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLecuit, T, Wieschaus, E
Date Published2002 Feb
KeywordsAnimals, Cell Adhesion, Cell Division, Cell Membrane, Drosophila, Epithelial Cells, Mitosis, Models, Biological

Junctions isolate the apical from the basal-lateral surfaces and are required for the polarization of epithelial cells. Genetics of junction formation in Drosophila has identified numerous transmembrane and scaffolding proteins that assemble in membrane-associated complexes. This review focuses on recent findings suggesting that junctions are autonomous organizing centers for the establishment and maintenance of apical-basal polarity in epithelial cells as well as other polarized processes such as the orientation of the division apparatus.

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