Integrated Science Curriculum (ISC) 231-234

Integrated Science (ISC/CHM/COS/MOL/PHY 231/232 fall and 233/234 spring) is a double course, meaning that it counts as two courses each semester (out of the four you would normally take). It results in formal credit for introductory chemistry (two semesters), physics (two semesters), computer science (one semester), and molecular biology (one semester). A non-traditional laboratory component is also part of the course, which includes experiments from all these sciences.

It is important to take the double course designation seriously. The course requires the effort expected of two typical Princeton science courses. While students taking Integrated Science plus two other courses generally thrive in campus life, those who attempt to take it plus three other courses (an overload) usually find it burdensome.

Many students have questions about how to combine integrated science with their math studies. As ISC takes up two of your four potential courses in the fall semester, we understand that our course narrows your options. Ideally, we suggest that students enroll in MAT203 in the Fall and MAT204 in the Spring as these both further your math education and are relevant to topics we teach in ISC. However, because of the need/desire to take a language, a writing seminar, and amazing freshman seminars, we understand that many students will not be able to take a math course concurrent with ISC. This is ok and many of our students fall into this category. As long as you satisfy the MAT104 prerequisite you should be ok in ISC.

The course meets Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 10:50am; in addition there is a three-hour laboratory session and a three-hour computational precept each week. There is also a required weekly problem session held in the evening.

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