The Integrated Approach: Studying Science Without Borders

Article printed in the Daily Princetonian by former ISC student, Kristin Qian. 

Benjamin Machta, a Lewis-Sigler Theory Fellow, proposes theoretical model

The action potential is widely understood as an electrical phenomenon. However, a long experimental history has documented the existence of co... Read more

Video - Integrated Science Selected Freshman Lectures - The Class of 2012 Experience

frameembed=true&playerId=kaltura_player&entry_id=1_3l4d0l78&flashvars[akamaiHD.loadingPolicy]=preInitialize&flashvars[akamaiHD.asyncInit]=true&flashvars[twoPhaseManifest]=true&flashvars[streamerType]=... Read more

Krysta Dummit and Daniel Mossing named Goldwater Scholars

Two Integrated Science Princeton students have been awarded... Read more

LSI researchers and university undergraduates collaborate on Genetics paper

A group of Lewis-Sigler Institute researchers have joined with university undergraduates to publish A... Read more

Dummit and Owen receive Manfred Pyka Memorial Prize in Physics

Two Integrated Science students, Krysta Dummit '15 and Gregory Owen '15, are the recipients of a Manfred Pyka Memorial Prize in Physics, given to outstanding Physics undergraduates who have shown excellence in course work and... Read more

Krysta Dummit '15 receives Freshman First Honor Prize

Krysta Dummit ‘15, a student in the Institute’s Integrated Science Curriculum, received the Freshman First Honor Prize at the University’s Opening Exercises on Sunday, September 9. The prize is awarded each year to a sophomore... Read more

James Valcourt '12 named Pyne Prize winner

Princeton senior James Valcourt, a candidate for the Certificate in Quantitative and Computational Biology, has been named co-winner, with Ann-Marie Elvin, of the University's 2012 Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize, the highest... Read more