Sciences, unite! Integrated intro course revolutionizes science instruction

Story by Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications: At many colleges, students who are interested in science will enroll in multiple introductory courses, learning about genetics and chemistry and physics and computer... Read more

David Mazumder, ISC student, wins 2017 Princeton Spirit award

Eight students have been named winners of the 2017 Spirit of Princeton Award, honoring Princeton University undergraduates for positive contributions to campus life. The award recognizes those who have demonstrated a strong... Read more

Girls Can't Do Math or Science? Video and blog post by former ISC student, Lisa Einstein

Lisa Einstein, former ISC student, is currently teaching in the peace corps in Guinea as part of the Let Girls Learn Inititative.  She created a video and blog post for Scientific American for the... Read more

Why Princeton Is the best college in the US - Business Insider article - ISC mention

Princeton is a place of incredible opportunity. Where else could first year students learn from a Nobel laureate in a class of 25 students?" one student shared on Niche, a company that compiles information on schools. "The... Read more

Integrated Science Open House - Monday, Sept 12th

Event: Academic Expo Date: Monday, September 12, 2016 Time: 10:00am-1:00pm Location: Frick Chemistry Laboratory Faculty will be in attendance to tell you more about this exciting program and to answer any questions that you... Read more

The Integrated Approach: Studying Science Without Borders

Article printed in the Daily Princetonian by former ISC student, Kristin Qian. 

Benjamin Machta, a Lewis-Sigler Theory Fellow, proposes theoretical model

The action potential is widely understood as an electrical phenomenon. However, a long experimental history has documented the... Read more

Video - Integrated Science Selected Freshman Lectures - The Class of 2012 Experience

frameembed=true&playerId=kaltura_player&entry_id=1_3l4d0l78&flashvars[akamaiHD.loadingPolicy]=preInitialize&flashvars[akamaiHD.asyncInit]=true&flashvars[twoPhaseManifest]=true&flashvars[streamerType]=... Read more