The goal of the QCB PMP is to facilitate interactions between first-year graduate students and more senior students. This will allow first-year students to learn about senior students’ experiences, which can help guide them in navigating challenges common to us all: choosing labs for rotations, selecting classes, adjusting to the rhythm of graduate school (both intellectually and socially), and joining a thesis lab.  Students may also face their own set of unique challenges, stemming from personal matters, such as gender and cultural identity or implicit biases they experience due to being from under-represented racial, economic, sexual, or religious backgrounds that could hinder their full integration into the community.  Peer mentors will not only provide support and advice for students struggling with both academic and personal issues, but can also serve as potential mediums to raise these concerns to QCB anonymously.   

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!  

PMP Peer Mentoring Program Contacts:

    Aaron Bourque: bourque at
    Katelyn Chase: kjchase at    
    Ann Cirincione: anngc at
    Siena Dumas Ang: sienna at
    Sara Geraghty: scamilli at
    Theo Gibbs: tgibbs at
    Anna Jacobson: annafj at

    Max Nguyen: mmnguyen at
    Dee Ruttenberg: dmr4 at 
Chadi Saad-Roy: csaadroy at
    William Thistlethwaite: wat2 at 
    Winnie Xu: huixinx at