TitleHow common is homoploid hybrid speciation?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSchumer, M, Rosenthal, GG, Andolfatto, P
Date Published2014 Jun

Hybridization has long been considered a process that prevents divergence between species. In contrast to this historical view, an increasing number of empirical studies claim to show evidence for hybrid speciation without a ploidy change. However, the importance of hybridization as a route to speciation is poorly understood, and many claims have been made with insufficient evidence that hybridization played a role in the speciation process. We propose criteria to determine the strength of evidence for homoploid hybrid speciation. Based on an evaluation of the literature using this framework, we conclude that although hybridization appears to be common, evidence for an important role of hybridization in homoploid speciation is more circumscribed.

Alternate JournalEvolution