TitleGermline autonomy of maternal-effect mutations altering the embryonic body pattern of Drosophila.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsSchupbach, T, Wieschaus, E
JournalDev Biol
Date Published1986 Feb
KeywordsAnimals, Drosophila melanogaster, Mitosis, Mosaicism, Mutation, Recombination, Genetic

Nine maternal-effect loci Drosophila melanogaster were tested in germline mosaics to determine whether the wildtype gene activity is required in somatic or germline components of the maternal ovary. Mutations in these loci affect the anterior-posterior or dorso-ventral body pattern. In all nine loci (torso, trunk, exuperantia, vasa, valois, staufen, tudor, dorsal, Toll) a mutant genotype in the germ cells is sufficient to produce all aspects of the mutant embryonic phenotype, even when those germ cells are surrounded by wildtype somatic tissues.

Alternate JournalDev. Biol.