Professor, Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

Areas of Research: Experimental, theoretical, and computational studies of developmental systems. Imaging, modeling, and manipulation of dynamics in cells, tissues, and embryos
  • Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Research Lab
248 Carl Icahn Laboratory

Faculty Assistant:
Lee Morgan

The 3 main research areas that I am involved in are:
1. Quantitative cell signaling and metabolism.
2. Pattern formation and gene expression
3. Mechanisms of developmental abnormalities.

Research Focus

Dynamics of living tissues

Our lab uses experiments, theory, and computation to develop predictive models of dynamical processes in cells and tissues. We are interested in the extent to which simple physicochemical principles can be discerned in complex biological systems, such as developing embryos. Current projects in the group fall into three broad categories. First, we are developing quantitative descriptions of enzymatic networks. The experimental systems here are Drosophila embryos and theory is based on more or less conventional chemical kinetics models. Second, we are studying the processes by which two-dimensional sheets of cells give rise to three-dimensional structures of tissues and organs. Here, experiments are done in developing Drosophila eggs and zebrafish embryos and theory relies on either continuum or discrete mechanical models of epithelial tissues. Third, we are studying how developing tissues manage their constant need for energy. This project is still very young; we are exploring multiple avenues for quantitative experiments, from single embryo calorimetry to in vivo imaging of mitochondrial networks and cell metabolism.


Selected Publications

  • Granton A. Jindal, Yogesh Goyal, Rebecca D. Burdine, Katherine A. Rauen, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman (2015) RASopathies: unraveling mechanisms with animal models. Disease Models and Mechanisms 2015 8: 769-782. Pubmed
  • Lim, Bomyi, Dsilva, Carmeline J, Levario, Thomas J, Lu, Hang, Schüpbach, Trudi, Kevrekidis, Ioannis G, Shvartsman, Stanislav Y (2015) Dynamics of Inductive ERK Signaling in the Drosophila Embryo Current Biology Volume 25, Issue 13, 29 June 2015, Pages 1784–1790 PMID: 26096970 [PubMed - in process] Pubmed
  • Futran AS, Link AJ, Seger R, Shvartsman SY. (2013) ERK as a model for systems biology of enzyme kinetics in cells Curr Biol. 23: R972-79. Pubmed
  • Osterfield M, Du X, Schüpbach T, Wieschaus E, Shvartsman SY. (2013) Three-dimensional epithelial morphogenesis in the developing Drosophila egg Dev Cell. 24: 400-10. Pubmed
  • Alisa Fuchsa, Lily S. Cheungb, Enrica Charbonniera, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman and George Pyrowolakis (2012)Transcriptional interpretation of the EGF receptor signaling gradient PNAS Vol.109, No.5,1572-1577

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