The Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics houses the Genomics Core Facility which provides researchers with access to “Next Generation” high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies. The staff provide consultation on experimental design, library preparation, and data analysis. The Genomics Core Facility works closely with the Bioinformatics staff in the Lewis-Sigler Institute to provide researchers with computing power and consulting services to analyze sequencing data.

The facility currently houses an Illumina HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq, and is staffed to provide full sequencing service for researchers NGS experiments.  In addition to sequencing some of the other services provided include:

  • Library prep designed for DNA-seq,  ChIP-seq, RNA-seq including miRNA and small RNA,  rRNA-depletion, single cell RNA-seq and WGS using 10X Genomics Chromium system
  • DNA Size selection through Blue Pippin or Ampure Beads
  • Bioanalyzer sample QC for DNA and RNA

The Facility also has several pieces of ancillary instrumentation that researches have access to upon initial training.  These instruments include:  

The entire lab is ozone free protecting the dye integrity of labeled samples.