Microscopes present in the facility

  • Two 2Photon scanning microscopes built around upright BX51 and inverted IX73 Olympus microscopes featuring also epi-fluorescence, DIC and video microscopy. Objective-piezos (400microns) for fast and reliable z-stack acquisitions.
  • Two ultrafast laser srouces.
  • A Total Internal Reflection Microscope (TIRF) equipped for PALM and STORM sub-diffraction imaging
  • Two Single Plane Illumination prototype Microscopes (SPIM) with high-end sCMOS cameras.
  • An all-pulsed laser scanning Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscope with SLM.


  • Hamamtsu Orca Flash 4.0 v2 (x2)
  • PCO.Edge 4.2m (x2)
  • Andor iXon back illuminated EMCCD (x1)


  • A Ti:Sapphire tunable laser 680-1080nm for 2-photon microscopy
  • Pulsed 640nm and Pulsed 775nm Depletion Lasers for STED
  • Several Solid State Lasers installed on the TIRF/PALM/STORMĀ  and Light Sheet microscopes 405nm, 488nm (several), 514, 561 (several), 568, 594, and 647nm (several) available, all with 100mW or greater powers.

Numerous optical and mechanical parts for custom assembly and modification of instruments

Users are welcome to come and discuss possible modifications of existing instruments or construction of new ones to best address the requirements of their experiments.