Eszter Posfai
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology

Areas of Research: Cell Biology, Development & Cancer
  • Molecular Biology
Research Lab
Lewis Thomas Lab 234

Cell fate decisions and organization in the early mammalian embryo

In the Posfai lab, we study the molecular mechanisms by which cells acquire their distinct fates during development. We further seek to understand how cells communicate with each other and with their environment to reproducibly pattern an embryo with the correct proportions and spatial orientations of different cell types. 

We use the preimplantation mouse embryo as an in vivo model system to study these questions in a physiological setting. The preimplantation mouse embryo is an advantageous model due to its small size, relatively low complexity, and ease of experimental manipulation. In addition to understanding how cellular states are controlled in the embryo, we also aim to stably reproduce these states in vitro, using novel embryo-derived stem cell types.