QCB Certificate FAQs

What are the QCB certificate prerequisites?

See program requirements

Once I am admitted into the program, what are the requirements?

  1. Two electives from our pre-approved course lists (see next FAQ question for lists)
  2. Junior and Senior Independent Work:  Junior and senior independent work must show adequate quantitative and computational biology content and expand upon the existing field. 

Which courses are pre-approved electives?

See program requirements

I found a course that I think would be a good elective, but it is not on the pre-approved electives list.  Is there a way to request that it count towards my certificate elective requirements?

Yes.  Send email with your request to the program director Professor Adamson ([email protected]), with a copy to the program administrator Ben Zhang ([email protected]). Please include the course title and a link to the course description. If you have a course syllabus, please send that as well.

How do I know if my independent work in my junior and senior years qualify for the QCB Certificate?

Your independent work must show adequate quantitative and computational biology content and expand upon the existing field. If you are unsure if your thesis work qualifies for the certificate, please notify our program coordinator, Ben Zhang ([email protected]), and he will guide you to consult with one of our certificate program committee members

I am enrolled in the QCB Certificate program and another Princeton certificate program.  Can I use the same course to count for both programs?

No. You cannot double count courses for two different certificate programs.  

Can I use the same course to count towards my department major and the QCB certificate?

At least two classes taken to meet the requirements of the certificate, including prerequisites, must not count towards the student’s concentration requirements.

Can my thesis project be used for both the QCB certificate and my department requirement?

Yes. But please check with your academic department for any special requirements or restrictions on their end.

If I am enrolled in the QCB certificate program, are there any other certificate programs I am not permitted to enroll in?

Yes. Students who pursue a certificate in quantitative and computational biology may not also receive a certificate in biophysics.    

Can I take a course as P/D/F?

No. Program courses cannot be taken Pass/D/Fail.  

How do I apply to the program?

Apply to the program by emailing an application form to Ben Zhang ([email protected]) before September 1 of your junior year. You will need to include the prerequisite courses you completed, the course work you’ve completed and what you plan to take, as well as what your independent work plan is for your junior and senior years and how it relates to QCB. 

Who do I contact for help?

Please contact our program administrator, Ben Zhang ([email protected]).