Physics Major
Certificates in Environmental Science and Linguistics

Why did you enroll in Integrated Science?

The idea of a course that combined physics, chemistry, biology and computer science with a strong emphasis on experimental laboratories and research was very appealing to me. It seemed more personalized and student-focused than the regular physics and chemistry classes. I was interested in experimental physics, but was also fascinated by biology, so this interdisciplinary approach looked like a golden opportunity.

What was the ISC Freshman Sequence (ISC231-234) like for you?

Intense. It is easy to fall behind on the syllabus or stay up all night finishing a problem set or a lab report. Organization and responsibility are essential, and starting assignments promptly is much recommended. You can benefit a lot from this course; you get from it as much as you put in it.

How have the courses benefited you academically, and has it made you think about what you want to do after you graduate?

The course has given me a perspective of science as a whole instead of studying its branches separately. I feel more comfortable in the lab and much more able to process and present data. I think I am more prepared for sophomore year courses, and have the feeling that I will enjoy them better thanks to the foundation that I have acquired in ISC.

How do you like working with the various Integrated Science faculty and staff?

I felt privileged to be taught by the best professors in Princeton. The staff is fully devoted to the program and willing to answer questions and guide you through the problems. At the same time, however, they expect a lot from the students, so the learning pace is frenetic.

What is it like going through Integrated Science with a close cohort of student peers?

The knit group of students is key to the success of ISC, and crucial for motivation, learning and support. The group is small, shares a lot of time together and struggles for the same work. Whether it's understanding the equations that describe the motion of a basket ball or counting E. coli on selected images, there is always someone willing to help, to share the results and to make you laugh as you struggle in an endless sea of algebra. A couple of weeks into the program, you develop strong friendships and become part of the exceptional "ISC family".