Why did you enroll in Integrated Science?

I decided to enroll because I have always loved science and took every science class offered in my high school. When I heard about the ISC sequence, it immediately seemed like the perfect thing for me, as I would finally get to learn about all of the different branches of science in an integrated manner, rather than as individual subjects. Even though I came into Princeton knowing that I wanted to concentrate in Molecular Biology and was pre-med, I wanted to maintain my interest in all of the sciences.

What was the ISC Freshman Sequence like for you?

Taking ISC has been a life-changing experience for me that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I learned not only so much new high-level content, but I also learned how to think in different ways, developed creative problem solving skills, and acquired a variety of new skills that are widely applicable. The class itself is definitely quite difficult, but it is completely manageable and doable (and very fun!) as long as you have interest in science and are willing to put in the necessary time and effort for the class.

How have the courses benefited you academically, and has it made you think about what you want to do after you graduate?

Academically, ISC has not only given me so many problem solving skills, but the class credit from taking ISC means I can take basically any STEM class I want since pre-requisites for most science classes are covered by ISC. I also realized after enrolling in ISC that it fulfills many of the prerequisites for medical school. Learning about science through so many different lenses in ISC has also helped me confirm that my true passion is for molecular biology, as it feels like the most integrated branch of science to me. Additionally, getting the opportunity to do research in Professor Wühr’s lab has been an amazing experience where I have learned so much. Overall, taking such a rigorous but gratifying course has only further solidified my intentions to major in Molecular Biology and go to medical school.

How do you like working with the various Integrated Science faculty and staff?

Since our class year was one of the smallest (only 14 students), we were able to develop amazing relationships with the professors and other staff. I have loved getting to know the faculty not only academically but also personally, as all of us students organized meals with the various professors throughout the year. The ISC faculty and staff are not only brilliant but also such kind and interesting people who care so much about the students, and it truly has been an honor to get to know them!

What is it like going through Integrated Science with a close cohort of student peers?

Going through the class with such a small group of peers was amazing. It was like a built-in friend group! Spending hours on end working on assignments together and pooling together our different backgrounds and knowledge to work through difficult problems created a strong sense of community and friendship. Not only did we spend a lot of time together working on ISC-related things, but we also spent time together in a non-academic way outside of class and have continued to do so virtually during the pandemic. I am grateful to have met so many amazing people through ISC and I know we will remain close friends throughout our time at Princeton!