LSI and the QCB program include the QCB Climate for All committee. The goal of this committee is to bolster and sustain a diverse, inclusive, and transparent community at the LSI. The inclusion of a diverse set of experiences leads to better progress, creativity, and problem-solving and is integral to scientific excellence. We are actively developing new programs and initiatives that promote these values, including the first annual QCB Open House that was held in Fall 2020.

Committee Members

The committee includes representatives from across the LSI community:


Faculty Chair
Mike Levine
Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Aimee Farria
Graduate Student
Aaron Bourque
Graduate Student
Siena Dumas Ang
Graduate Student
Theo Gibbs
Graduate Student
Miguel Iglesias
LSI Scholar
Ofer Kimchi
Graduate Student
Winnie Xu
Kristina Garske

Anonymous Feedback

You can submit anonymous feedback to the climate committee. Please note that although you are required to log in with your Princeton netid, all feedback is anonymous and will be directed to the LSI Climate Committee.

Submit Anonymous Feedback

For more information about Princeton’s commitment to Equity and Diversity visit Inclusive Princeton, which also includes information, policies, and resources pertaining to complaints of discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct.