TitleCellular metabolomics of Escherchia coli.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRabinowitz, JD
JournalExpert Rev Proteomics
Date Published2007 Apr
KeywordsCells, Escherichia coli, Metabolic Networks and Pathways, Metabolism, Methods, Systems Biology

Escherichia coli is among the simplest and best-understood free-living organisms. It has served as a valuable model for numerous biological processes, including cellular metabolism. Just as E. coli stood at the front of the genomic revolution, it is playing a leading role in the development of cellular metabolomics: the study of the complete metabolic contents of cells, including their dynamic concentration changes and fluxes. This review briefly describes the essentials of cellular metabolomics and its fundamental differentiation from biomarker metabolomics and lipidomics. Key technologies for metabolite quantitation from E. coli are described, with a focus on those involving mass spectrometry. In particular emphasis is given to the cell handling and sample preparation steps required for collecting data of high biological reliability, such as fast metabolome quenching. Future challenges, both in terms of data collection and application of the data to obtain a comprehensive understanding of metabolic dynamics, are discussed.

Alternate JournalExpert Rev Proteomics