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New Princeton-CUNY program to bring together physicists and biologists

Story by Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $13 million to create the Center for the Physics of Biological Function, a joint endeavor between Princeton University and... Read more

Rabinowitz, Shvartsman, Marmion, and Song are examining the steps by which embryos create DNA precursors independent of those supplied by their mothers

Story by Adam Hadhazy, Office of Engineering Communications A study from Princeton researchers on fruit flies shows how, during the early stages of growth, a developing embryo must begin to make its own building blocks of DNA... Read more

Study by Ned Wingreen and team reveals ways in which cells feel their surroundings

Cells push out tiny feelers to probe their physical surroundings, but how much can these tiny sensors really discover? A new study led by Princeton University researchers and colleagues finds that the typical cell’s environment... Read more

Bee antennae offer links between the evolution of social behavior and communication

An international team of researchers, including Sarah Kocher from Princeton University, reported that a certain species of bees, called halictid bees, have more sensorial machinery compared with... Read more

Levine elected to EMBO for excellence in life sciences

Michael Levine, the Anthony B. Evnin ’62 Professor in Genomics, is one of 65 outstanding life scientists elected June 16 to membership of ... Read more

Hongtao Chen Named Revson Senior Fellow in Biomedical Science

The Charles H. Revson Foundation’s fellowship program for the most promising New York−area postdoctoral researchers in biomedical science recently added Princeton researchers Wendy Mok and Hongtao Chen (Gregor lab) to its list... Read more

Coleen Murphy named Faculty Scholar by HHMI, Simons and Gates Foundations

Princeton faculty members Clifford Brangwynne, Martin Jonikas, Coleen Murphy, Mala Murthy and Celeste Nelson were each awarded five-year Faculty Scholar grants in a new joint philanthropic program... Read more

Welcome! Incoming QCB Graduate Students, Fall 2017

We are happy to welcome our next incoming class! Matthew Black, University of Maryland, College Park Evan Cofer, Trinity University Chenyi Fei, Peking University Katie Goodwin, University of British Columbia Jaime Lopez,... Read more