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Everybody's got a hungry heart

Considering how hard the human heart works, it’s not surprising that it needs a continuous supply of fuel to run efficiently over the human lifespan. What is surprising, however, is its fuel preference and the rate at which it... Read more

Long-term COVID-19 containment will be shaped by strength and duration of natural, vaccine-induced immunity

Princeton researchers, including Chadi Saad-Roy, a Ph.D. candidate in Princeton's Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, report that the impact of natural and vaccine-induced... Read more

Researchers in the Murphy lab discover how worms pass down knowledge of a pathogen to their offspring

The microscopic roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans feeds on bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. However, certain environmental conditions can cause P. aeruginosa to change in such a way that it becomes pathogenic -- that is... Read more

Seating is #1 COVID risk for fans in stadiums - Futurity

John E. McCarthy, professor of mathematics and chair of the mathematics and statistics department at Washington University in St. Louis, helped develop a mathematical model that assesses the risk of attending a public sporting... Read more

COVID-19's silent spread: Princeton researchers, including Ned Wingreen and Chadi Saad-Roy, explore how symptomless transmission helps pathogens thrive

A new study finds that silent transmission can be a successful evolutionary strategy for pathogens such as viruses like the one that causes COVID-19. The study features work by graduate student... Read more

Britt Adamson named 2020 Searle Scholar for studies of genome editing

One of 15 early-career scientists chosen this year, Adamson was selected for the project, “Mapping the Processes of Genome Editing in Human Cells.” She studies the organization and function of biological pathways in human cells... Read more

Welcome to our incoming class of QCB graduate students!

We are excited to welcome our new QCB graduate students! They will join us fall 2020. Isaac Breinyn (UC-Santa Barbara)   Gabriel Dolsten (Yale)   Emma Gerlinger (University of Michigan)   Sebastian Gonzalez La Corte... Read more

New study, led by Joshua Akey, identifies Neanderthal ancestry in African populations and describes its origin

After sequencing the Neanderthal genome, scientists discovered all present day non-African individuals carry some Neanderthal ancestry in their DNA. Now, researchers at Princeton University present evidence of Neanderthal... Read more