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Scientists get their first look into how bacteria construct a slimy biofilm fortress

Princeton researchers, including senior co-author Ned Wingreen, have for the first time revealed the mechanics of how bacteria build up slimy masses, called biofilms, cell by cell, in a... Read more

Girls Can't Do Math or Science? Video and blog post by former ISC student, Lisa Einstein

Lisa Einstein, former ISC student, is currently teaching in the peace corps in Guinea as part of the Let Girls Learn Inititative.  She created a video and blog post for Scientific American for the... Read more

Biophysics Theory Postdoc Kanaka Rajan receives Scholar Award from McDonnell Foundation

Kanaka Rajan is one of eight recipients of a Scholar Award in Understanding Human Cognition, awarded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation for her proposal "... Read more

Joshua Rabinowitz receives 2016 NIH Pioneer Award

Five Princeton University researchers are among 88 scientists nationwide to receive... Read more

Coleen Murphy selected as HHMI-Simons Faculty Scholar

Five Princeton University faculty members have been selected as inaugural faculty scholars by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Simons Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Selected as... Read more

Assistant Professor Positions Available

The Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant Professor level.  We are seeking outstanding scientists in two areas:  1) ... Read more

Role for enhancers in bursts of gene activity: research by Michael Levine's team

A new story about research by Michael Levine’s team in the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics has been published on the Princeton Journal Watch: Role for enhancers in bursts of gene activity... Read more

Welcome! Incoming QCB Graduate Students, Fall 2016

We are happy to welcome our next incoming class! Andrew Bass, Cornell University Samuel Cho, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Judy Du, University of California, Davis Micah Fletcher, University of Missouri Daniel Lee... Read more