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Sarah Kocher receives Packard Foundation fellowship for early-career scientists for her ‘social brain’ research with bees

Sarah Kocher has been awarded a 2021 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, which brings $875,000 over five years to pursue her research. Kocher, an assistant professor of ecology and... Read more

A new study, led by Britt Adamson, sharpens our understanding of CRISPR gene-editing

The ability to edit the genome by altering the DNA sequence inside a living cell is powerful for research and holds promise for the treatment of diseases. A new study that sharpens our understanding of CRISPR gene-editing was... Read more

Vaccine stockpiling by nations could lead to increase in COVID-19 cases, novel variant emergence

The allocation of COVID-19 vaccine between countries has thus far tended toward vaccine nationalism, wherein countries stockpile vaccines to prioritize access for their citizenry over equitable vaccine sharing. The extent of... Read more

A new technique developed by Hugh Wilson and Quan Wang (LS fellow) sharpens single-molecule views of biomolecular structures and interactions in solution

Biomolecular interactions and structural rearrangements are critically important for function. Yet visualizing these processes on individual biomolecules in real-time remains a technical challenge. QCB graduate student... Read more

Anna Jacobson, QCB Graduate Student, selected for HMEI-STEP Environmental Policy Graduate Fellowship

Anna Jacobson, second year QCB graduate student, has been selected to receive an HMEI-STEP Fellowship Award from the High Meadows Environmental Institute.... Read more

A unified atlas of CD8 T cell dysfunctional states in cancer and infection published in Molecular Cell by Yuri Pritykin and colleagues

Cells of the immune system, particularly T cells, are essential for protection against viral and bacterial infections and cancer. However, in some circumstances, for example in chronic infections or in growing tumors, they... Read more

Joshua Rabinowitz named Director of new branch of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at Princeton

Princeton University is the home of a new branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, an international community of distinguished scientists dedicated to preventing and controlling cancer. The Ludwig Princeton Branch... Read more