A unified atlas of CD8 T cell dysfunctional states in cancer and infection published in Molecular Cell by Yuri Pritykin and colleagues

Cells of the immune system, particularly T cells, are essential for protection against viral and bacterial infections and cancer. However, in some circumstances, for example in chronic infections or in growing tumors, they... Read more

Joshua Rabinowitz named Director of new branch of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at Princeton

Princeton University is the home of a new branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, an international community of distinguished scientists dedicated to preventing and controlling cancer. The Ludwig Princeton Branch... Read more

QCB Graduate Students, Katie Goodwin and Chadi Saad-Roy, selected for the 2021 Procter Fellowship

Katie Goodwin and Chadi Saad-Roy, QCB graduate students, have been awarded the Procter Fellowship for the 2021-22 academic year. The dean of the Graduate School and the academic affairs deans, in consultation with the... Read more

Princeton faculty Bialek, Dennehy, Mian, Perry, Ralph and Taylor and three graduate alumni win 2021 Guggenheim Fellowships

Six Princeton faculty members and three graduate alumni have received 2021 Guggenheim Fellowships. They are: William Bialek, the John Archibald Wheeler/Battelle Professor in... Read more

QCB Graduate Students Selected for the NSF GRFP

QCB graduate students Sara Camilli, Siena Dumas Ang, Theo Gibbs, and Dee Ruttenberg have been selected as recipients of the 2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship... Read more


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Systems Biology and Model-Based Analysis of Multi-Omic Microbiome Data
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