Wednesday, January 18, 2017 -
12:00pm to 4:00pm
Icahn 101
Special Seminars
Quantitative and Computational Biology

The QCB 302 Undergraduate Symposium will feature presentations from all of the QCB 302 Junior Students. The Symposium is open to all!

Event Schedule:
12:00 Introduction

12:05 Alice Tang Detecting Cancer Drivers in Non-Coding Regions

12:20 Adam Berman Uncovering Metabolites Relevant to Breast Cancer Development

12:35 Chris Ferri RNN for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

12:50 Logan Blaine Quantifying Epistasis-driven Clustering of Mutations in Simulated Protein Evolution

1:05 Coffee Break

1:25 Arjun Venkataraman Modeling Interspecies Dynamics

1:40 Katherine Angier Incorporating Trophic Levels into a Neutral Model of Ecology

1:55 Josh Tam Simulating Population Structure in fine Structure and STRUCTURE

2:10 Karen Feng Scaling Genetic Association Testing on Structured Populations

2:25 Coffee Break

2:45 Daniel Liu Temporal-Spatial Dynamics of TGFβ-Mediated Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer

3:00 Jillian Silbert IMnevteassttiagsaitsi ng and Manipulating Erk Dynamics in Mouse Keratinocytes

3:15 Zach Flamholz Translational Regulation of nanos mRNA in Early Drosophila Development

3:30 Vishank Jain-Sharma Quantifying the Tree of Life from the Root of Transcription

3:45 Gavin Hall Variance in Signaling Dynamics in D. discoideum