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Benjamin Machta, LSI Theory Fellow, poses the question: How much energy is irretrievably lost when you run a machine?

When you drive a car up a hill, chemical energy is converted to gravitational potential energy, but when you drive back down, most of this energy is released as heat, no longer useful to you as the driver.  If you do the same... Read more

Jose Zamalloa, QCB Graduate Student, Awarded NJCCR Fellowship

Jose Zamalloa has been awarded a Pre-doctoral Cancer Research Fellowship from the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR). NJCCR seeks to stimulate fundamental... Read more

LSI Fellows Program

The Lewis-Sigler Institute seeks applicants for its LSI Fellows Program, which provides independent research and teaching opportunities to exceptional individuals who are expecting or have recently obtained a Ph.D. degree in... Read more

Princeton Profiles: Coleen Murphy, researcher and role model

Professor Coleen MurphyProfessor Coleen Murphy has been profiled in a new video available in the Princeton Profiles archive. Click... Read more

Shirley Tilghman appointed to The Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education

Shirley M. Tilghman, president of Princeton University, emeritus, and professor of molecular biology and public affairs, has been named to a national commission under the American Academy of Arts and Sciences entitled The... Read more

Francine Camacho named Gates Millennium Scholar

Francine Camacho, QCB graduate student, is a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. For more information on the award, please visit the... Read more

Coleen Murphy receives NIH Pioneer Award

Princeton University faculty members Zemer Gitai, professor of molecular biology, and Coleen Murphy, professor of molecular biology and the ... Read more